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2014 BOTE Boards have arrived

Posted on January 09, 2014 by Flying Fish Paddle Sports

Simply put the new BOTE boards are sweeeeeeet! All the boards have been redesigned graphically and are now offered in 3 construction types. Along with the new graphics, BOTE has introduced a new race board, the Valhalla, a new surf SUP, the Jackalope, and a new inflatable fishing board, the Drift. These new boards fit perfectly into the already existing awesome BOTE lineup. Here is a quick breakdown of the different construction types.

First is the "Chainmail" which is a carbon innegra blend this is the strongest and lightest construction.

Second is the "Classic" this what most BOTE customers are use to, this is a fiberglass construction with the wood inlay, still very strong but has a bit of added weight.

Third construction is "Native" the boards have artistic paint themes, combined with a commingled fiberglass/innegra construction. This makes these boards not only beautiful but also lighter. 

We will have the new boards up online soon, in the mean time stop by our shop in Stuart, Florida and check them out.

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