Flying Fish Paddle Sports - News 2015-05-06T09:53:00-04:00 Flying Fish Paddle Sports 2015-05-06T09:53:00-04:00 2015-05-06T09:53:43-04:00 Locals Tackle the 2015 Key West Paddleboard Classic John Meskauskas
Billy crossing the finish line on his new Darkroom custom 14' by Bote Boards.
It's always a challenge, 12 miles of wind, chop, strong currents, and top competition. This year's Key West Classic was no different and our local racers rocked it! Especially team Flying Fish riders Billy Swezey and Joey Huempfner. Billy finished 2nd place overall just 5 seconds behind the winner Kieran Grant in the 14' class. Joey also made the podium finishing 5th in the men's 12'6" class, and at only 17 years of age he finished 2nd in the 19 and under class. I could not be more proud of these outstanding young men! Thanks to intense training groups and local race leagues at both Blueline in Jupiter and our Thursday night race league here at Flying Fish, area paddlers are quickly becoming some of Florida's best. If you have any interest in SUP racing please stop by the shop or join us on Thursday nights for our race league. Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) kicks off a new 10 week season on May 14th at 6:00pm.
Joey Finishing strong!
Me finishing not so strong! (no seriously, fighting major cramps due to challenging conditions)
I apologize in advance if there are any paddlers that I left out. Here are the ones I know from the Jupiter/Stuart crew. Great Job everyone!
Here are the locals that made the podium.
1.Billy Swezey (Team Flying Fish) 2nd place, men’s 14’  time 2:06:09 *only 5 seconds behind the winner!
2. Kim Barnes 2nd place, women’s 12’6” time 2:24:06
3. Joey Huempfner (Team Flying Fish) 5th place, men’s 12’6” time 2:25:02
** Joey is only 17 years old, finished 2nd for his age group 19U.
4. Alexandra Menk 1st place women's 14' time 2:25:08
5. Steve Barnes 1st place  men's prone time 2:27:16
Here are the other locals and their places
Rev Thom 9th place men’s 14’ time 2:13:50 *3rd in age 40-49
David Dean 16th place men’s 14’ time 2:22:22 *3rd in age 50-59
Steve Bernstein (Team Flying Fish) 7th place men’s 12’6” time 2:27:10 *2nd in age 40-49
Stephen Chase 20th place men’s 14’ time 2:27:44 *3rd in age 30-39
John Meskauskas (Team Flying Fish) 9th place men’s 12’6” time
2:28:36 *3rd in age 40-49
Travis Kindt 14th place men’s 12’6” time 2:31:35 *5th in age 20-29
Nessa Brunton 10th place women’s 12’6” time 2:47:59 *1st in age 50-59
Sierra Groth 15th place women’s 12’6 time 2:50:43 *2nd in age 20-29
Rachel Ferguson 19th place women’s 12’6” time 2:58:28 *3rd in age 20-29
Frank Marino 8th place SUP surfboard time 3:03:30 *4th in age 50-59
Mike Faulkner 35th place men’s 14’ time 3:04:37 *12th in age 40-49
Others who did the 4 mile open race
 Ryan Boettner 1st place men’s 12’6” time 53:06 
Kim Depasquale 5th place women’s 12’6” time 1:12:33
Danyella Lustosa 6th women’s 12’6” time 1:12:51
Alex Cotleur 7th place women’s 12’6” time 1:13:44
Debra Borger 1st place women’s SUP surf time 1:13:56
]]> 2014-12-02T09:38:00-05:00 2014-12-02T09:38:43-05:00 Man the Bote Jackalope is fun John Meskauskas I took the Jackalope out the other morning with my Gopro and made a quick video. Used the GoPro 3 black, suction cup mount and the GoPro studio to edit. All was super easy. We have the new GoPro 4 silver and black in stock at the shop, I may be due for an upgrade! ;)


]]> 2014-11-24T17:51:00-05:00 2014-11-24T17:51:25-05:00 Bote Board Giveaway! John Meskauskas

Flying Fish Paddle Sports is giving away a 10'6 Flood Classic (retail $1250). Here is how you can win.

Over the next week November 25 through November 30th, anytime you spend $50 you get one entry into the drawing. For example, if you buy the new GoPro 4 black ($500) you will get 10 entries into the paddle board drawing. Entries are unlimited the more you spend the better your chances to win! If you buy a Bote Wraith race board ($1800) you get 36 entries into drawing. You get the idea now head down to the Flying Fish this week and do some Christmas shopping! The drawing will be Monday December 1st, you do not have to be present to win.


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11 year old Dylan pushing his dad Jason in the Chattajack31


The future of our sport is obviously bright, Izzy Gomez is the world champion on the Stand Up World Tour at the age of 14! But, I wanted to give some props to some young kids you may not know. It was so nice to see all the young talented paddlers this past weekend at the WPA Championships. Not only are these 17U paddlers competitive in their age group but many of these young guns are giving guy and girls in the 18-49 class a run. The WPA Championships was not the only big race going on in the SE this past weekend, there was also the Chattajack 31, a 31 mile race! Yes, it’s not a typo, and yes there were 17U paddlers that tackled the 31 mile course. The inspiration for me to write this post, was Dylan Geiger, an 11 year old paddler who I first met at our Flying Fish Spring Paddle Challenge. The second I met this young paddler I had instant respect for him and his ability. Dylan and his dad Jason tackled the Chattajack 31 on a tandem stand up, and after months of training together not only did they finish the 31 miles, but they finished 2nd overall for the SUP’s. What a huge accomplishment for this father and son team. I followed their story leading up to the race and Jason gives all the credit to Dylan, who continually pushed him through their training sessions. I can’t imagine the bond that this adventure has created between a father and son, let’s use them as inspiration to continue to grow this sport with young people. SUP is more then a watersport, it’s a lifestyle that benefits the heart and soul, just ask Jason and Dylan.

Here is a list of young (17U) names you should remember. I’m sure there are names that I am leaving off, but here are the ones that I have met and seen paddle personally. Some of these kids are competitive in both SUP racing and surfing.
Top young girls:
Zoe Benedetto- 9 yrs. old (Team Flying Fish)-surf
Lexi Alston- 12 yrs. old - race
Milla Navarro- race
Annette Garcia- race/surf
Top young boys:
Dylan Geiger- 11 yrs. old - race
Joey Huempfner (Team Flying Fish) - race
Conrad Garcia - race/surf
Conner Rush - race
Quintin Chiapperino - race/surf
Austin Hollingshead - race
Chris Rockwood - race/surf
Andrew Slaughter- (Team Flying Fish) - surf
16 year old Joey Huempfner at the WPA Championships
9 year old Zoe Benedetto tearing up a wave in Stuart, FL.
]]> 2014-01-09T17:32:23-05:00 2014-01-09T17:53:11-05:00 2014 BOTE Boards have arrived John Meskauskas Simply put the new BOTE boards are sweeeeeeet! All the boards have been redesigned graphically and are now offered in 3 construction types. Along with the new graphics, BOTE has introduced a new race board, the Valhalla, a new surf SUP, the Jackalope, and a new inflatable fishing board, the Drift. These new boards fit perfectly into the already existing awesome BOTE lineup. Here is a quick breakdown of the different construction types.

First is the "Chainmail" which is a carbon innegra blend this is the strongest and lightest construction.

Second is the "Classic" this what most BOTE customers are use to, this is a fiberglass construction with the wood inlay, still very strong but has a bit of added weight.

Third construction is "Native" the boards have artistic paint themes, combined with a commingled fiberglass/innegra construction. This makes these boards not only beautiful but also lighter. 

We will have the new boards up online soon, in the mean time stop by our shop in Stuart, Florida and check them out.

]]> 2013-10-29T12:11:29-04:00 2013-10-29T12:27:49-04:00 New Store Open! John Meskauskas Our new shop is as colorful as our customers are!!!  We have tripled our space by moving right next door.  We even have the same address.  We are filling the space with some awesome new products including Vestal watches, Santiki dresses, Howler Brothers, and even the sea blue Yeti coolers.]]> 2013-08-15T15:56:52-04:00 2013-08-15T16:07:38-04:00 Another tarpon on the Bote HD paddle board John Meskauskas  

Fishing in Stuart Florida is my life, literally, I've been a light tackle and flyfishing guide for 15 years, but now since I've been fishing on my paddleboard in Stuart, FL it's like being a kid again. All new experiences and new levels of excitement. I hope you enjoy the video and please stop by my paddleboard shop Flying Fish Paddle Sports 4969 SE Dixie Hwy. Stuart, FL 34997. Much love to SUP fishing.





]]> 2013-07-31T14:32:51-04:00 2013-07-31T21:44:20-04:00 Tarpon fishing on Bote HD John Meskauskas Just wanted to share this killer video our good friend and shop customer Darin Perron created for us. I have been spending more and more of try free time fishing from my Bote HD and loving the challenge and versatility of fishing on a SUP. Stay tuned for more videos to come. 

]]> 2013-03-27T14:13:43-04:00 2013-03-27T14:13:43-04:00 Life is better when you paddle John Meskauskas