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Bug Slinger Chief 12' Bote HD

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We have teamed with Bug Slinger™ Fly Gear to produce and promote the fly fishing culture. With a similar slogan, "Fly Fishing. Life. Style.", and similar goal, the Bug Slinger™ Edition boards are sure to stand out on the water. The 12' BOTE HD is a blend of our surf style hull and deck, with our displacement hull nose and "V" entry featured on our racing boards. HD = "Hybrid Displacement," and is another BOTE first! Combining the "V" nose entry with the double concave bottom of our surf style hull, this board has an incredible ride. The HD model cuts through the water as opposed to planeing on top of the water like the standard surf hulls. Inland waterways and coastal bays are the perfect water for the 12' HD. The HD was designed to fish! The bow flare of the board reduces hull slap more than the 12' BOTE. The HD will get you to your fishing spot faster and more silent than ever before! The HD model BOTE board has all the features of the classic 12' BOTE board and can be accessorized with all the same gear. *Includes BOTE Board Sox Length: 12' Width: 32" Thickness: 5" Weight: 30 lbs Weight Capacity: 375lbs SHIPPING NOT AVAILABLE - STORE PICK UP ONLY!!!

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