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2016 Bōte Inflatable Flow 8' (Kids)

2016 Bōte Inflatable Flow 8' (Kids)

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Some choices in life are hard, but not this one. The BOTE Flow is the perfect entry level paddle board for the young ‘uns. Made from military grade PVC, this inflatable SUP is built to last! It‘s easy to transport in its own rolling backpack, easy to inflate with its own pump and easy to ride because it‘s super stable. So, if you‘re looking for a paddle board that‘s fun for the whole family...you just gotta go with the Flow.

The Flow comes as a complete package including a durable travel bag, pump and adjustable paddle. Going on a trip? Take the Flow with you. The included bag, made from durable nylon rip-stop material, feautures backpack style shoulder straps as well as roller-board style wheels making the Flow easy to transport no matter where you go. The bag also features a front fin pocket, elasticized mesh side pockets, and a velcro side strap to easily carry all your accessories while on the go. The included pump and hose features a pressure gauge so that you can fill your Flow to the correct pressure every time. The adjustable paddle is lightweight and durable. Since it's adjustable, it is always the perfect size for any paddler. **CAN SHIP WITHIN THE U.S.

Package Includes:
Board, 3-piece paddle, travel wheeled bag, and manual pump

Dimensions: 8' x 28"
Max Weight:

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