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Virus Sleeveless Compression V-Neck

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Women's Sleeveless X-Form Compression V-Neck. The COOLJADE body keeps you cool and dry when you heat up. The construction keeps you compressed and strengthened. X-Form back NeoSkin reinforcement add back support, increases circulation and lung capacity. Internal support with built inner chest lining for inner bra reinforcement. Long body when long vertical and side body stretch is required. Comfort protection for both outdoor and indoor activity with a good amphibious fabrication. Reflective elements for night use. With a wearable compression fit, this allows for circulation and combats fatigue. - See more at: https://virusintl.com.au/products/womens-stay-cool-sleeveless-x-form-compression-v-neck-eco10x?variant=20116704006#sthash.cA2rm6e5.dpuf

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