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Suction SUP Hydration

Suction SUP Hydration

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How many times have you been out paddling and forgot to bring your water bottle or just didn’t think you needed one?

Well never let this happen again by adding the Suction SUP to your board. This product is perfect for SUP, prone boards and all other watercrafts. Suction SUP is easy to use and you can place anywhere on your board. Just suction cup down and place your water bottle in and you will be set for hours out on the water exploring around.

Adjustable and Reliable

It is adjustable so you can angle it to make it perfect for you to store your water bottle. I have placed it on both my SUP and prone board and will say it works amazing. It didn’t fall off then hitting waves and in paddling in chopping conditions. I had enough water for a two hour paddle session that I did out in the open ocean. This is a must have for anyone who doesn’t what to have a hydration pack strapped to them or anything else that is to bulking and not comfortable.

Suction SUP

– attach to clean smooth surface on the board
– flip lever down to engage cup
– flip lever up to disengage
– strong suction
– perfect for SUP & prone
– adjustable

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