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F-One Race Pro All water 14'

F-One Race Pro All water 14'

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Available in four sizes, the 14′ AllWater is the most versatile RACE board in the range designed to perform on all courses. The All Water shape packs enough volume to handle all kinds of conditions, features a versatile rocker line that keeps the board very easy to drive in the bumps and maintain very good glide across the range. With a taller nose, the front of the board offers enough volume to keep the board above the water but still maintain a narrow entry to reduce the drag. The middle sections offer a flat bottom with a relatively straight rocker line that help making the board fast and responsive. A progressive concave mid-way to the back for a better release further improves the glide. The rocker towards the back is tuned to keep the board easy to handle and therefore faster across the board, whatever the conditions. The volume and width at the tail help the board start on any bump and will bring stability when driving from the back. The cockpit is also slightly recessed to offer first class stability and keep the board user friendly.

Built using the CARBON COMPOSITE technology with a complete vacuum lamination around a light EPS core these boards also feature a brushed finish to reach the lightest possible weight with an impressive strength. A double bamboo patch is located under the rider’s feet for maximum durability. Designed to perform at the highest level, these boards are used by our pro-team to compete in the top world events and will deliver the same performances on your local spot.31

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